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Whether managing the member and guest experience (their customer) for a church for 7 years or creating a photography customer experience that actually has kids looking forward to a photoshoot for the last 5, I have been designing, creating, executing, and managing customer experiences for more than 12 years.  For a little insight into my philosophy, read my article about the components of customer experience management.

Current technologies available to us such as the web,  mobile, and mass data allow us to create process-driven, yet personal experiences that in the past were only a pipe dream. While I definitely have a bias toward technology, I understand that great experiences are only supported by it, not driven by it. Technology should never be used for its own sake.  It always plays a supporting role.

If you really want to know “about me” subscribe to this blog and follow me on Twitter.  I converse about customer experience on my business feed, @thecxguy, and use my Milwaukee-based chatter feed @brian_mayer primarily as a social outlet.

Here are a few other little nuggets about Brian Mayer:

  • I LOVE all things CX – participating, discussing, helping, critiquing, reviewing, designing, and creating remarkable customer experiences.
  • I’m married to Anna Mayer – storyteller, videographer, filmmaker, and pretty much the best child and family photographer there is.
  • We have four kids from 2nd grade to college.
  • Oscar Mayer is my dog. And he’s not a wiener dog.
  • I love to come up with creative solutions.
  • I see humor where there is none to be found.
  • I frequently make failed attempts at humor. Or so Anna says.
  • I own a Euphonium. Kudos to you if you know what that is.
  • I like cheese popcorn. Yes, I know it’s gross.

Hire Me

  • Mobile Web Design & Development
  • Mobile Strategy Consultant
  • Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Customer Experience Consultant
  • Marketing Strategy & Branding Consultant
If you own or manage a business, any business – big or small, B2B or B2C – these principles apply to you. I’m currently available for short or long-term engagements, so if you’d like to learn more about how I can help your business apply these principles, email me at brian at thecxguy.com. If you are seeking to add a dynamic, forward-thinking team member to your existing Customer Experience team in the Milwaukee area, I’d love to discuss any opportunities you may have.
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